Ship cargo, a Division of Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd.We are a registered international cargo shipping companies in Australia that deals in all kinds of sea and air cargo. Being one of the leading freight shipping company in Australia we provide our customers with the cheap and customized import and export shipping services through land, sea and air. Cargo Australia is a rapidly growing company in the industry of transportation and is expanding very vastly. With the experienced international shipping team in Australia we ensure the peace of mind of the customers that their shipments arrive as expected.

Ship cargo, logistics company in Australia we use the knowledge and expertise of the team members provide you with a satisfactory shipping service. We know that it can be stressful for anyone to move overseas, but choosing the right international moving company can be a big relief. We make sure that your valuables remain safe and protected. Not only the guarantee of protection, but Cargo Australia is also offering a very competitive international shipping rates in Australia. Which means that you can enjoy satisfied and quality services at cheap rates.

With the regular services in UK, Germany, Russia and New Zealand we cover over 200 other destinations. We have organized our structure of international information systems to provide you with the on time delivery of your shipments every time. With the accurate supply and on time delivery, we also offer our customers to track the location of their cargo. With location tracking, you can be reassured about the progress of your shipment any time. Our consolidation services benefit the customers with reduced freight rates and lower packing costs. So, reach us today for the international shipping of household goods, baggage, vehicles and many other goods on a very attractive rate. Enjoy the best customer and shipping service on a very competitive rates.

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